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Administrative Offices

Administrative Offices
    • Headquarters
      Office of Academic Affairs
      Office of Student Affairs
      Office of Industrial-Academic Research Affairs
      Office of Planning & Budget
      Office of Admissions
      Office of General Administration
      Office of Treasury
      Office of Facilities Management
      Office of International Affairs
      Office of Job Placement Services
      Educational Innovation Headquarters
      Global Educaiton Center
    • Colleges
      College of Liberal Arts
      College of Natural Sciences
      College of Engineering
      College of Mechanical and IT Engineering
      College of Political Science and Public Administration
      College of Business and Economics
      School of Business
      College of Medicine
      College of Pharmacy
      College of Life and Applied Sciences
      College of Human Ecology & Kinesiology
      College of Education
      College of Design & Art
      College of Music
      Evening Programs
      College of Basic Studies
      School of Architecture
      School of International Studies
    • Graduate Schools
      Graduate School
      Law School
      Graduate School of Business Administration
      Graduate School of Public Administration
      Graduate School of Arts & Design
      Graduate School of Environment & Public Health Studies
      Graduate School of Sports Science
      Graduate School of Education
      Graduate School of Engineering
      Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul
    • Auxiliary Organizations
      Yeungnam University Medical Center
      Yeungnam University Library
      Museum Art Center
      University Museum
      Chunma Arts Center
      Yeungnam University Media and Press Center
      Institute of Information & Computing Systems
      Yeungnam University Health Care Center
      Gyerimwon-Public Service Examination Studying Center
      Center for Innovation of Engineering Education
      Korean Language Institute
      Laboratory Animal Center
      Institute for International Development Cooperation
      Global Institute of Lifelong Education
      Multicultural Education & Research Institute
      Yeungnam American Center
      Headquarters of the University Reserve Forces
      Reserve Officers' Training Corps
    • Research Institutes
      Institute of Humanities
      Institute of Natural Science
      Institute of Industrial Technology
      Institute of Social Science
      Institute of Resources Development
      Institute of Korean Culture
      National Unification Research Institute
      Environmental Research Institute
      Institute of Management & Economy Research
      Institute of Medical Science
      Institute of Sports Science
      Institute for Drug Research
      Institute of Legal Studies
      Institute of Information & Communication
      Institute of Biotechnology
      Institute of Art & Design
      Research Institute of School Education
      Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering & Technology
      Research Institute of Human Ecology
      Research Institute of Statistics
      Institute of Materials Technology
      Institute of Clean Technology
      Institute of Photonics & Nanotechnology
      China Research Center
      Institute of Korean Language & Culture
      Rural Development Institute
      Dokdo Institute
      Architecture Research Institute
      Institute of Solar Energy
      PARK CHUNG HEE Saemaul Undong Institute
      Cyber Emotions Research Center
      Korea Balanced Development Institute
      Institute of Han Character Culture
      Research Institute for Military Affairs
      Higher Education Policy Research Institute
      Research Institute of Cell Culture
      Institute of Daegu GyeongBuk Studies
      Institute for Fusion & Innovation Strategy
      Institute of Aerospace Development
      Eco Hanwoo Institute
      Regional Regeneration Research Institute
      Institute of Service Robot & Technology Convergence
      Convergence Research Institute of Future Automotive