Area A
A01 CHUNMA Gate/YU Metro Square
A02 International Center
A04 University Museum
A05 Student Support Center
A06 College of Design & Art-Design Building
A07 College of Design & Art-Art Building
A08 College of Education Building
A09 Tennis Court
A10 College of Music
A11 Symphony Hall of College of Music
A12 Facilities Maintenance Support Center
A13 Multi-Purpose Gymnasium
Area B
B01 Amphitheater
B02 College of Business & Economics Building
B03 College of Liberal Arts
B04 Central Library
B05 College of Political Science and Public Administraiton
B06 Student Center
B07 Memorial Gymnasium of Heekun Lee
Area C
C01 Headquarters
C02 Foreign Language Institute
C03 General Lecture Hall
C04 Cafeteria of Liberal Arts
C06 Baseball Field
C07 Athletes' Dormitory
C21 University Registrar Office
C25 Head Quarters of University Reserve Forces
C26 University Press
C27 Liberal Arts Hall 2
C31 Facilities Maintenance Support Center
Area D
D01 Dormitory(A)
D02 Dormitory(B)
D03 Dormitory(C)
D04 Dormitory(D)
D05 Dormitory(E)
D06 Dormitory(F)
D07 Dormitory(G)
D08 Dormitory(H)
D09 Dormitory Restarurant
D10 Center for the Hig
D21 Hyangto Hall
Area E
E02 Chunma Arts Center Tower
E04 Gymnastics Arena
E05 Chunma Arena
E21 Information&Telecommunication Hall
E22 Electrical Engineering Building
E23 Textiles Engineering Building
E24 Chemical Engineering Building
E26 Water Research Laboratory Buliding
E28 Materials Engineering Buliding
E29 Mechanical Engineering Buliding
Area F
F01 College of Pharmacy
F03 Architecture Building
F04 Computer & IT Center
F05 College of Engineering Auditorium
F06 Ins' of Information & Computing Systems
F07 Construction Engineering Building
F21 Sciences Building 1
F22 Sciences Building 2
F23 Sciences Building 3
F24 Science Library
F25 College of Science Cafeteria
F26 Biotechnology Hall
F27 HQ : College of Life and Applied Sciences
F28 Lab Ⅱ, College of Life and Applied Sciences
F29 Lab Ⅲ, College of Life and Applied Sciences
Area G
G01 College of Human Ecology & Kinesiology
G02 College of Human Ecology & Kinesiology(annnex)
G03 Law School Library
G04 Law School
G12 Business Incubation Center
G13 I-A Co-operation Technology Center
G14 Annex : Center for Research Facilities
G15 Production Technology Research Center
G16 Laboratory Plant
G17 Wind Tunnel Laboratory
G20 Gyeongbuk Technopark
G45 Folklore Park / Toilet
G47 Gable-foofed House
G65 Water Work Filtration Facility
Other Facilities
Mirror Pond
University Ranch
Lawschool Dormitory
SongGok Dormitory
Safety Experience Training
Baseball Field
Basketball Court
Artificial turf Arena
Pond(College of Life and Applied Sciences)
1st Manufacturing Laboratory
2nd Manufacturing Laboratory
Chunmaro Clock Tower
Chunmaro (College of Pharmacy)
Chunmaro (Sciences Building 1)
Chunmaro (Chunma Arts Center Tower)
Soccer Field
Area H(Daemyeong-dong Campus)
H01 Professional Graduate Schools / Center for Continuing Education
H02 College of Medicine
H06 Yeungnam University Medical Center
H15 Yeungnam Academy Corporate Office