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Student Life

Student ID card & Bank Account

Initial Issues

  • Please visit Daegu Bank on campus, and fill out the application form for issuance of a Student ID card, and submit the form with your Alien Registration Card and one (1) photo to the bank. Student ID cards will be issued by the bank two (2) weeks later.
  • Students can open a bank account when they apply for the student ID card at Daegu Bank.
  • Daegu Bank is located on the 1st floor in the International Center. ATMs on-campus and off-campus are available from 09:00 to 24:00 every day for the whole year. Banks in Korea are closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.


  • Students can enter the libraries, borrow books from the libraries, and withdraw money from ATM with this ID card.

Daegu Bank

  • Contact : +82-53-810-2060
  • Location : International Center


On-Campus Housing

Accommodation services of the university aim to foster an excellent quality residential life in the academic environments providing the residents with comfort and convenience. All campus facilities are within walking distance from the residence halls, and the residents can build their academic and personal competences by fully utilizing the accommodation at the university.
Your own cooking facilities are not permitted, but all of the residents can join the optional meal plan.

  1. 1) Procedures of University's Dormitory Registration
    • - Applying for the dormitory in the Admission Application
    • - Submitting Application of the dormitory after Tuition Payment
    • - Arrangement of Room
    • - Dormitory Fee Payment
    • - Moving into the Dormitory
  2. 2) Dormitory Fee
    • - Room for Two : Around KRW 580,000 ($557 USD) / semester
    • - Room for Four : Around KRW 600,000 ($567 USD) / semester
  3. 3) Meal Plan (Optional)
    • - Room for Two : Around KRW 630,000 ($600 USD) / semester
    • - Room for Four : Around KRW 630,000 ($600 USD) / semester

    * Dormitory meals are usually served in Korean cuisine with a steamed rice, soup and side dishes.

  4. 4) Student Council fee of Dormitory(Optional) : KRW 10,000 ($10 USD)
  5. 5) Rules
    • A) Please return your room key to Dormitory Administration Office before your entire moving out at the end of semester.
    • B) Be sure to come back to the dormitory not later than curfew, 00:30 AM
    • C) Time for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Dormitory Cafeteria
      • - Breakfast 07:20 ~ 09:00
      • - Lunch 11:30 ~ 13:50
      • - Dinner 17:00 ~ 19:00
      • - The times may be adjusted for weekends and holidays.
    • D) Stay-out
      • - Please let your Resident Assistant know in advance.
      • - Application form should be submitted through on-line.
    • E) Roll Calling
      • - Roll call and inspection shall be carried out by the hall supervisor and committee executive after receiving approval from the hall director. However, when the committee executive is not present, the inspection can be carried out by the hall supervisor.
      • - Residents will be notified in advance before a roll call and facility inspection is conducted.
      • - However, if necessary, personal and facility inspection can be carried out without notice.

Dormitory Administration Office

  • Contact : +82-53-810-1811 ~ 5

Convenient facilities

Convenient facilities such as student cafeteria, convenience stores, stationery are on campus for the students.

  • Three (3) student cafeterias on campus are serving for the students from 07:00 to 19:00.
  • Several convenience stores are available from 08:00 to 24:00.
  • In the International Center, there are a bookstore, fast food restaurant, stationary, travel agent, sports shop, and an optician on the 1st floor.

Student Cafeterias

  • Cafeteria - Location: Student Union Building
  • Humanities Cafeteria - Location: Cafeteria for Liberal Arts Building
  • Science Cafeteria - Location: Cafeteria for Natural Sciences Building

Book store

  • Location : International Center

Useful Programs

Window to Korea (WTK)

WTK is a self-backpack trip once in a semester to any place in Korea with Korean Yeungnam university students, and each team should be made up of two or three participants.

  • Benefits

    Financial support for each team : W300,000 KRW

  • Eligibility

    All incoming students

  • Duty & Responsibility

    a. To apply for WTK with Korean students
    b. To trip a scheduled place more than two days

Language Partner Program (LPP)

The Office of International Cooperation(OIC) offers LPP for incoming exchange students those who are interested in teaching English and making friends with Korean students. Interviews are conducted by OIC.

  • Benefits

    Monthly material fees : W300,000 KRW

  • Eligibility

    Any incoming student who can teach English

  • Scholarship Term

    Three months

  • Duty & Responsibility

    a. To teach English for four (4) hours every week per a group
    b. To manage two (2) groups consisted of five students in one group
    c. To hand in a roster every month

Buddy Program

Exchange students can buddy with YU’s students. Students at YU will be awarded with the credit of social work.

University Student Ambassador

Students who introduce Yeungnam University to foreign visitors or students as well as promote the international education programs, will become University Student Ambassadors.

School of International Studies

All courses are English-based.
Students can have access to lectures from Stanford University and others, through the cutting-edge IT communication system.

Korean Language Institute

International Students and Korean residents abroad can learn diverse information about Korea, such as society, culture, history and others.

* Link

GKS (Global Korea Scholarship)

Tuition paying international students who have advanced grades on their Korean and major subjects will receive W500,000 KRW each month for one year, from the National Institute for International Education.

* International Cooperation Team

  • Contact : +82-53-810-7871 ~ 5
  • Location : International Center


YU maintains a very safe campus. Local police branches are located nearyby on either side of the campus.
In the event of an emergency, dialing 119 (campus extension: 3119) will get you immediate assistances from the local police or campus police.

Campus Police

  • Contact : +82-53-810-3119


All international students are required to have their own private insurance covering their entire stay in Korea prior to beginning their studies at YU. Students may purchase an insurance policy from the YU insurance agency during the designated period. The insurance policy needs to be extended every year. Students may not be able to register for classes if they fail to purchase the insurance within the given time.

  • 1) Medical Insurance Policy
    • Price: 130,000 ~ 150,000 KRW/Year
    • Coverage
      Medical Insurance Policy
      Coverage Limit Deductible
      Accident Death
      And Physical Impediment
      W 50,000,000 NA
      Accident Expense In-Patient W 10,000,000 Co-Payment: 10%
      Out-Patient W 250,000 Clinic: W 10,000
      General Hospital: W 150,000
      University Hospital: W 20,000
      Pharmacy W 50,000 W 8,000/Case
      Sickness Expense In-Patient W 10,000,000
      Out-Patient W 250,000 Clinic: W 10,000
      General Hospital: W 150,000
      University Hospital: W 20,000
      Pharmacy W 50,000
      Medical Evacuation
      and Repatriation
      W 10,000,000
  • 2) YU Health Care Center Support
    • All enrolled undergraduate and graduate school students who pay for YU Health Care Center support fee (membership fee 3,000 KRW + YU health center support fee 15,000 KRW) during the tuition and registration period can be Yeungnam University Health Center Member.
      • A) Benefit
        • The YU Health Care Center is to refund Korean National Health Insurance Co-Payment portion (this can be different from International Medical Insurance deductible) when using YU Health Care Center and YU designated Hospitals.

          The YU Health Care Center will refund the Korean National Health Insurance’s 1 day treatment co-payment portion during summer and winter breaks and when using non-designated hospitals.

          The YU Health Care Center covers up to 30% of CT, MRI, Ultrasonic wave scan expenses.
      • B) Limitation
        • The YU Health Care Center does not cover accident and disease occur overseas.
        • The YU Health Care Center does not cover medical treatment fees that occur from traffic accidents or violence.
        • The YU Health Care Center does not cover plastic surgery and congenital defect.
        • The YU Health Care Center does not cover any treatment that Korean National Health Insurance does not cover.

    * International Student Services

Work on Campus

Part time jobs of foreign students (D-2-S) / activities other than the qualification for stay
※ In case of working part-time without reporting, you may have to pay fines.


A foreign student enrolled in undergraduate, masters, doctorate program, or a language trainee (D-4) who has received 6 months or more of training

Permitted Hours

  • * Able to work part-time at up to two places by 20 hours or less per week Monday ~ Friday during the semester
    (master's & doctorate program: 30 hours or less per week)
  • * No restrictions on holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and during vacation

Restricted Areas

  • * A place of business for gambling
  • * Private tutoring

Allowed for 1 year within the period of stay

(can be extended on continued basis during the enrollment period)